I've been fortunate to have over 30 years of successful relevant experience with Fortune 500 corporations including Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, and Fidelity National Financial. I have a strong record of contributions to profitability and productivity in consumer products, pharmaceuticals, capital equipment, medical devices, membership development, insurance products, and health information technologies.


My comprehensive professional experience includes selling and marketing to physicians, surgeons, other medical professionals, distributors, national strategic accounts, retail independently owned insurance agencies, health plans, and vendors. Additionally, I have significant experience in classic consumer, trade, professional and affinity marketing as well as B to B e-commerce sales & marketing.


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Glenn DeBoey,

Director National Accounts at Hoya Lens of America

  • I have known Abby for 20 years and have worked with her in a number of capacities at both Vistakon/J&J and KeraVision. Abby has a broad range of skill sets and is one of those unique individuals who excels in sales and sales management as well as marketing. One of the most impressive things about Abby is how quickly she comes up the learning curve to master a new market or new skill set. She has a passion for success and becoming "the expert" that you don't see too often and that sets her apart from others. With Abby, you know you will get 100% effort every time.

Cristina Mariani-May,

Co-CEO at Banfi Vinters

  • Abby is a friend and such an inspirational woman in business and family. I am a co-CEO of my family's wine business and I juggle three kids, global travel and the stress of responsibility of running a company. Abby recently gave me her new book that she wrote "Sno-Cone Diaries". It touched me deeply and lifted up my spirits to remind me that happiness comes from within us and we create our own sense of value. We don't need to look to others but within, and each of us women can control our own destinies and in doing so we find happiness with each new day of the week. I love the quote she uses that "There are 7 days in every week, and one of them isn't called 'Someday'. "Abby inspires me because she made 'someday' her 'today'. I wish to do the same and I thank Abby for being so vulnerable, open, honest and sharing her story with the rest of us women to help us find our own way. Brava Abby!!!!

Steve Henderson,

VP of Clinical Relations

  • I had the pleasure of working with Abby at Kera Vision and Bausch & Lomb. At the time I was VP of Sales and I managed the Regional Business Directors, which Abby was one. Abby managed the sales teams comprised of VisionCare, Pharmaceutical and Surgical sale specialists. Abby is an talented, intelligent, creative and effective sales manager. Her performance at Bausch & Lomb garnered her several national sales awards. I have the utmost respect for Abby and her capabilities.

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