Sno-Cone Diaries

This story is a unique combination of personal memoir and self-help, with thought-provoking questions and exercises after each chapter to assist you in completing your own picture of happiness including dreams, drawbacks, and dares. Overall, it is a step-by-step guide to happiness, in both business and personal endeavors. The book describes my path from a six-figure position in sales and marketing with a Fortune 500™ company to the proud owner of a sno-cone truck - the best choice I have ever made. Sno-Cone Diaries explores the process, motivations, risks, work ethic, and ramifications of my choice, and the self-discovery that came as a result. This book will help guide you in searching for your own success, happiness, and personal satisfaction in any work you do.


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"Abby Vega gives us a wonderful gift with her new and inspiring memoir and it's wrapped with authentic and transparent heartfelt emotions and personal stories. I gave it to my wife to read and she loved it."

Jon Gordon, Wall Street Journal best-selling author

"Abby Vega totally embodies the concepts of total well-being by having her financial health in good hands, preserving her physical health through diet and exercise, and has taken the third component of emotional well-being purpose, passion and social connections to a whole new level with her sno-cone experience, writing her first book The Sno-Cone Diaries at 57, and her adventurous spirit and openness to try her hand at any and all that life throws her way. She is a courageous, kind, creative, generous, and gracious woman. She is indeed one of a kind."

Jeannette Bajalia, President and Founder of Woman's Worth LLC

"I recall the day my wife came home and told me her friend had bought a sno-cone truck. My initial thought was, 'Now what has Elisa gotten us into!' Little did I know that a sno-cone truck would ultimately thaw the hearts of sick children at Wolfson's Children's Hospital, shining a little light on a day that was otherwise dim. I am typically not a person who takes risks in my life, but after having a chance to live through these experiences, I am grateful for the enrichment That Abby's daring has brought to my life. I admire the courage Abby had in illustrating her incredibly personal and inspirational story. I am a better man and better husband as a result of this book. Thank you Abby!

Ferdinand Formoso, DO., FAAPMR, co-sponsor of "Operation Sno-Cones and Teddy Bears"

The Sno-Cone Diaries is an exciting book that will motivate and inspire anyone who is seeking to be better. Abby's approach to her subject of success and triumph and her writing style makes the Sno-Cone Diaries easy to read and digest. It is full of useful information that you can use immediately to change your life. I encourage you to read the Sno-Cone Diaries with an open mind and a willing heart to bring about any change you want in your life. So enjoy every page and be the best you can be each day.

Almon Gunter, CEO/President of Almon Gunter Motivates, Inc.