Abby's Diary: Transition

Tran*si*tion – Noun

The process or period of changing from one state or condition to another Synonyms change, transformation, move, PAIN!

Imagine your life as one big story of transition. You are always leaving one chapter behind while moving on to the next. Just when you reach a level of familiarity, comfort, security, a rhythm so to speak, that allows an effortless flow from day to day, a transition comes along that literally can blow you out of that flowing lazy river. Sometimes it happens by chance. Other times it happens by choice. Either way, when change occurs, it’s is painful for most people, myself included.

Since late 2015 my life has been nothing but change. I moved my father to an assisted living facility after 17 years in my home. I set on a path to shed 40 lbs. I became an empty nester sending my baby off to college, published my memoir, and now we have moved from our home of five years to a 2 bedroom condo as we prepare to transform our forever home into a dream home that will take us into yet another set of transitions, retirement, grandparent hood, and the unknown future.

The good news is I had to rid myself of items I have saved for 30 years. The bad news is I had to face the realization that perhaps those items, and upon further reflection me and my skills, were now obsolete. There was a moment after the packing and move into the condo that I literally couldn’t breathe. I had to get in my car and drive back to the house one last time and look over what was, so I could gather the courage to have the faith and trust to believe in what will be in the future.

It doesn’t matter how many times you plunge into the depths of the unknown, it’s never really easy. However, this I know to be true. I am strong, I am unbreakable, I am that 1-carat or larger diamond that continues to be polished to shine with brilliance until I achieve what God put me on this earth to do so bring it on baby!

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