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“I am the seed of the future on which your life depends.

It is my strength, durability, and flexibility to bend.

The fruit of my vine nourishes your soul.

It is my mission, purpose, and virtue I wish to extol.

I am small in Stature but hold such great power

When doubt, despair, and fear envelope you and make you cower.

I am your friend, your comfort, your joy

The answers lie within you and are yours to employ.

I represent possibility and all that you dream

When vision and action dare to couple and become one team.

I can move mountains and heal a broken heart

If you allow the doubt within you to finally depart.

I go where you go; I never leave your side.

It’s how you choose to see things and take your life in stride.

With me anything is possible; you really can cope.

In case you don’t recognize me, “Hi my name is HOPE.”

-Abby Vega, 2011

For Vega, hope was not always recognizable.

“I thought I was living my dream, working in corporate America,” Vega said. “I realized how empty all of those things really were in terms of my worth.”

After a 33-year successful and accomplished career in sales, marketing, and senior leadership in large fortune 500 corporations, Abby realized she was lost, sad, lonely, and unhappy.

A few unexpected life events had also taken place, including the death of her mother and best friend.

“If, like me, you have lost track of what matters in your life, say, “I’m finally going to do what I have always wanted to do, and I will make a tremendous difference in this world.”

At age 54, Vega sought out to do just that.

Quitting her six-figure corporate job, Abby purchased a sno cone truck, Kona Ice. Along her route, Abby met Christopher, a 21 year old recovering from homelessness and an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Christopher was in a long-term drug and alcohol treatment center in South Georgia.

“I had been there about a month when my 21st birthday rolled around,” stated Christopher. “I remember I had kitchen duty that day and I was elbow deep in an industrial sink washing dishes for the 50+ residents who had just finished lunch. I kept thinking to myself, “This is no way to celebrate the 21st birthday.”

Before he could finish the dishes, a peer came to tell him a sno-cone truck was outside for him. Coming outside, Christopher met Abby Vega. Vega had traveled 150 miles north of Jacksonville by request of his family to give him the best birthday he could possibly have.

“It was then that I realized things would be okay, and that my family still loved me no matter what I had done,” according to Christopher. “I will always remember the day the Kona-Ice Lady” came to celebrate my birthday with me in the Georgia swamp.”

This is just one of many great hope stories written in her memoir, Sno-Cone Diaries; a Sweet Route to Happiness. In her book, Abby’s goals are to inspire you to pursue your dreams, ignite your passions, and follow your own path to bliss.

Since publishing her book, Abby is bringing hope and inspiration to hundreds through book signings, motivational speaking engagements, and business coaching and training.

Her most recent speaking engagement was in front of hundreds of women representing Plexus Worldwide; resellers of Plexus’ superior nutrition, weight management, personal care, fitness, and supplements.

One of the audience members, Aja Brown, recalls Vega’s speech, “The fact that she had reached high peaks of success and was still unhappy, that was something I could relate to. I too was trying to juggle a career, a mother of two kids, while still trying to find a level of happiness. One thing I learned from Abby that is helping me live differently today, is to never give up. I am constantly reminded if you don’t work, your business is not going to work either. My mindset is: this WILL work, as long as I believe in myself.”

Abby is available for motivational speaking engagements, book signings, workshops, coaching, training, and sales and marketing consulting. For more information on Abby or to contact her, you can visit her website at www.abby-vega.com.

The book can be purchased through amazon.com or online.

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