Abby's Diary: In Three...Two...One

In three…two…one my lifelong dreams of authoring and publishing a book came true as I sat first in the “green room” and then on a live TV set, of a major network, being interviewed about that very experience. Sounds crazy, unrealistic, impossible to achieve, but it happened! On March 16, 2017 my dream became a reality as I sat with Nikki Kimbleton, on the Morning Show, on WJXT Channel 4 being interviewed about my sno-cone adventures.

Back in 4th grade I remember having to write and present a fictional story I had written in front of the teacher and the class. My story was about waking up in the shoes or in this case the “ice skates” of the 1968 then Olympic Champion in Ladies singles and a three time World Champion figure skater Peggy Fleming. The teacher and class loved my story and from that moment on I knew one-day I would tell my story again, this time it would be true and told to a much broader audience.

During the interview Nikki asked me to sum up my book the Sno-Cone Diaries in two words. I being a little nervous being on TV said “hope and inspiration” and they are definitely a large part of the message in the story but the two words I meant to say were “Hope and Permission”.

The difference is yes I want people to be inspired by what I have overcome and accomplished so that they may be energized and believe that if I can do it they can to, but even more importantly, I want men and women to give themselves permission to follow and achieve their own dreams.

After my appearance before my son and I got back to the car I received a message from a perfect stranger who was watching the show. It said “Good morning Abby I just watched you on Channel 4 and was so encouraged by your story. I will look forward to reading your book. I absolutely LOVE seeing people use the skills and abilities that God has given… I am in the beginning stages of a new ministry opportunity….seeking wisdom to know if non-profit or for profit is the best way to go. While I would love to help sustain our family… my desire is to serve the Lord with gladness and trust HIS direction. I am learning as I go. With having no wisdom in business or marketing, your words were a hug this morning. Thank you for sharing…. I’ll be reading your book.” -Kimberly

In case you were wondering I gave Kimberly permission to follow her heart and let God take care of the rest!

My goal is to touch someone’s life in a positive way every day. I am living my dream now. Maybe tomorrow you will give yourself permission to start living yours.

P.S. Sorry I missed you on the set John Gaughan! I did ask for you!!!

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