Abby’s Diary: 5 Reasons to Love your Mom (Cinco razones para amar a tu Madre)

It’s Cinco de Mayo so I thought I’d show off to my readers the extent of my Spanish speaking abilities! Okay, I cheated and Googled it, but I thought it would be fun to look at five reasons you probably haven’t considered before as to why you should love on your Mom this month.

She Gave you Life!

And I’ll bet mom has told you on more than one occasion that since she gave life to you, she could take it from you too if you didn’t get your act together on something you needed to do. That’s what moms do. That’s their job. For those of you that have never had a child let me paint a picture of the nine-month process, it took to just to bring you here in this world.

Five minutes of bliss turned into: The first three months of pregnancy may include nausea, throwing up, and mysterious allergies to products you have used forever that now cause rashes or other reactions. You may also experience heightened senses, in my case of smells that normally did not offend, that would send me running to the ladies room. Plain old daily physical exhaustion can be expected as the engine isn’t used to pulling for two so it’s working overtime. Every day is a surprise in this trimester as the baby moves in and gets settled in its new home.

The second trimester you typically start to feel better but you will be amused and amazed as you see and feel alien type movements like an elbow or foot sticking out of your stomach, or someone doing backflips in your abdomen. You will also watch as your stomach and other body parts start to stretch out like a balloon, and wonder “will I ever look good in a bathing suit again?” No! The third trimester is all about not being able to breathe because the baby has decided its comfy spot is sitting on a lung. You can’t sleep because the balloon has grown to a bowling bowl size and you are used to sleeping on your stomach. You have to pee every fifteen minutes because a tiny foot is pushing on your bladder. And your back hurts as you begin to waddle from the extra 30-40 lbs you are now toting. Now the real fun begins!!

The initial labor pains kick in and you think oh that’s not so bad, and then they really kick in and you are screaming epidural or another explicative!!!! The grand finale is nothing less than what superhero stories are made from, mom, pushing an 8-pound bowling bowl through the eye of a sewing needle.

Yes, she gave you your life and it hurt so bad that God made baby smell and cooing to serve as a hypnotic drug to help moms forget just how bad it hurt or another child would never be born. End of species!

You Ruined Her Body!

After being poked, prodded, stretched, torn or cut, and have had parts on display to more people than you could ever imagine, that once perfectly perky size 6, is a vision of saggy loose skin, head to toe, with dark circles under her eyes like a raccoon, from lack of sleep, every3- 4 hour feedings, and getting up just to make sure you are still breathing. She may also not be able to sit down except gingerly from the golf ball sized hemorrhoids she now sports from hours of pushing.

She Changed Your Diaper!

Have you seen and smelled what can come out of a cute little baby? Stuff that runs down your legs and straight up your back with the force and velocity of lava from a mini volcano. And let’s not forget how many blouses and dresses were ruined with spit-up and drool.

She May Have Committed Illegal/Unethical Acts on Your Behalf

In any court of law, mom would be found innocent for reasons of insanity for acts she committed out of the pure love in her heart for you. Who didn’t stay up and help you finish a project, or complete the school project herself because you fell asleep and she wanted an A. Who didn’t write the paper, yell at a teacher or coach because you didn’t put forth your best effort and she wasn’t ready to accept that maybe you weren’t a child prodigy of anything. She did it because she loved you and wanted you to do well. Later as you got older she may have smuggled you into a casino while in Las Vegas and let you experience the thrill of pulling the slot machine handle only to be caught instantly by security, or cut out letters or numbers so you wouldn’t panic driving back to college with an expired tag until you could get it taken care of. Moms fix problems and worry about the consequences later.

She’d Do it All Over Again

The relationship between a mother and child has no boundaries. It’s a love like no other love in spite of everything I just described. A mom would take a bullet for her child, while at the same time kick your butt because you did something stupid. A mother feels your pain, your love, sorrow, and joy. Why? It’s because you are like no one else to her. You are the only person in the world that saw how big her heart really is, and heard how loud it beat for you and had a front row seat to see it, because, you saw it from within her.

The human heart is not designed to beat outside the human body, and yet each child represents that to their mother.

Now go call your mom, or give her a big hug, and tell her how much you love her!

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