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As a native of Baltimore, Maryland and growing up not twenty minutes from the place where the Star Spangled Banner was written by Francis Scott Key as the British attacked the American colonies at Fort Henry, and a current resident of Jacksonville, Florida I was very excited to wake up to watch Sunday morning football, a game and rivalry I was looking forward to because of all the trash talking that was going on between my friends and family members, and a few bets I had made. I typically cheer for both teams except when they play each other, and then I’m all Jags! But instead of entertainment, a nail biting game, and the celebration of a sweet Jaguar victory, I was shocked and sickened by what I witnessed, a complete and total disrespect for my country and flag, and doubly embarrassed because both of my favorite teams participated in that act. To add insult to injury the act was committed on foreign soil, the very soil we broke free of because of religious and other oppressions, and then stood For God Save The Queen. England while a very strong ally of ours is who we fought hard to seek our freedom, rights, and independence from that allowed us to create the greatest nation on this earth. The nation we are all blessed to be part of.

I don’t care what your political side of the aisle is. This commentary is not about Democrats and Republicans, red or blue, donkeys or elephants, or even Hillary and Donald, it’s about right and wrong and what it means being an American! As Americans we should be very worried. Our morals have continued to decline, our economy has declined, our military has declined and our very security is in jeopardy as more nuclear weapons are built and aimed at us. Throw in natural disasters like Harvey, Irma, the devastation of Puerto Rico, Barbuda, the Virgin Islands, and the massive earthquake in Mexico City all in the span of a couple of weeks, I have to ask, does it ever cross your mind that maybe God has been forgotten in all of this and He is sending us a not so subtle reminder as to Who’s really in control, and what really matters?

The story of The Star Spangled banner that most people do not know is this, The American colonies were under siege by the British at Fort Henry. Both sides of the battle were holding prisoners when the Americans sent Francis Scott Key, a Baltimore lawyer to try and negotiate the release of all prisoners. The British agreed to release man for man, and Key thinking he secured a victory began to orchestrate the transport of these prisoners off the ships, until he was told that it wouldn’t matter because by the dawns early light the war would be over and all the prisoners could go, because the entire British Navy was arriving to bomb the fort until it fell down. Key pleaded with the Admiral stating that the fort wasn’t really a military fort but one where women and children were kept for safety. The Admiral said okay on one condition will I agree to stop the bombing that was about to occur, and that condition was that they lower the American flag. The Americans refused and thru the night hundreds of ships bombed the men, the fort, and the flag, relentlessly but by dawn as the smoke cleared, to the shock of everyone, the flag was still there. How could that be? Key went ashore to find out how the flag still stood and he was told by the survivors that brave men, patriots, gave their lives all night long to hold the American flag up, and when those men died more came to replace them until their death, all through the night. Key was so moved by what he saw and heard that it was then that he penned our National Anthem. He knew American Christians would sooner die on their feet than live on their knees begging for their rights to be free. How quickly we have forgotten.

My point is this America is not perfect, and man is not perfect. There isn’t a sports player, celebrity, CEO, President or Queen, that can hold a candle to what God offer’s. These are all false idols that take our focus away from what God wants from us, our complete faith and trust in Him. Children and adults alike worship these people as if they have the answer and know more, and yet because of their humanity they continue to steal our hearts, and let us down, because they are not real heroes they are humans worshipping other idols like power, money, ego, and greed. He alone stands ready to take yours, mine and everyone else’s load and carry it for us and provide for us what we need. But that my friends takes getting down not on one knee, but two, and praying for His continued blessings of compassion, safety, health, and prosperity on the United States of America. Let’s stop all this stupid fighting, worshipping false idols, and honor God above everything else. Let’s use our God given talents for the benefit of others and make this a better America for everyone and a shining example again to the world why we have been looked upon with such favor for so long. For the rest of this year let’s make Sunday a day of worship, prayer, and gratitude and then spend it with family and those you love dearest. Let’s see what happens then.

My opinion may not be your opinion, or my beliefs the same as yours, but all Christians share two things in common, belief in one God and being blessed to be born an American. Never take either of these commonalities for granted.

Psalms 31:6 I hate those that pay regard to worthless idols. Put your trust in the Lord.

“Oh say does that Star Spangled banner yet wave, o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!” -Francis Scott Key

“Story of our National Anthem” video by: Robert Surgenor

Anyone that wants a copy of the video please text or e mail me.

Inspiration for the topic of this blog came from my baby sister Alicia. I was thinking about it but she gave me the motivation to do it. I’m still on house arrest, but getting stronger every day.

May God bless each and every one of us and may God continue to bless the United States of America!!! USA! USA! USA!

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