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Because my husband travels every week Monday thru Thursday our weekend nights are sacred date nights. We love to go to the movies, out to dinner with friends, travel, prepare a meal together, or just sit on the couch and binge watch a favorite TV show. This weekend was no different except that we were blessed with one extra night so we got to have a little more time together than usual. It’s a blessing because it makes us appreciate each other more since it’s just the two of us in our empty nest.

On Friday we decided that we would take advantage of a 5:00 pm matinee and that way we could still eat a real dinner at a decent time. The movie “American Made” was quite entertaining especially since the theater now has the reclining comfy chairs, and pre-assigned seats. We decided to then drive to Town Center and grab a bite to eat at J. Alexander’s. Since it’s always crowded I opted for two of the three seats left at the bar instead of being put on the wait list. Juan dropped me off up front since my leg and ankle are still swollen post-surgery to spare me the walk from the crowded parking lot. While I waited for him to join me, another person took the third seat. We enjoyed our meal and conversation and then paid the check and got ready to leave.

This time I walked with Juan out to the parking lot upon where we encountered simply the sweetest most adorable little girl, and I apologize up front if I don’t get the spelling of her name correct mom, named Maliyah! Maliyah probably between 2-3 yrs. old ran right up to me in the parking lot, a complete stranger, and said “Can I give you a hug?” I dropped to me knees squeezed her oh so tight, thanked her, and told her that her hug for no reason was the best thing that happened to me that day, hands down! She then ran over to Juan and did the same thing and then joined up with her mom hopping and skipping her way to the restaurant. Juan and I climbed in the car and just couldn’t stop talking about that sweet young girl and how much her random hug meant to us. I was so touched that I asked Juan to pull over so I could go back to the restaurant and find her, and ask her mom if I could take a picture with her so I could write about what her hug taught me. I gave the mom my business card which has a picture of me and my web-site address so that she could go on-line this week, read this, and see that I kept my promise to Maliyah. When Maliyah saw my card and the picture on it she said “Your Famous” and wanted to take pictures of me with my phone which she did, but then mom took a picture of us together where once again she smiled from ear to ear and hugged me tight. Her mom says she does this all the time, and sometimes she gets worried how people will react. I’ll bet no one up till now ever tracked her down and asked to take a picture with her beautiful child and wrote about her, but I am because I believe this world needs more Maliyah’s, and her childlike innocence.

“Thank goodness for the innocence of a child which shines through with light that is profound, and filled with infinite wisdom… And has the ability to humble us grownups into a true reality.” ---- Unknown

So here’s my true reality about why adults need to be more childlike and the possibilities that state of mind might bring us.

What if:

We entered every situation with no pre-conceived notion of what the outcome could be. The outcomes are limitless if we set no boundaries.

We did not let our past experiences taint every new experience. We’d get to create what our future could be, rather than what it has been.

We could say things honestly, sincerely, genuinely, and real. No more political correctness, just honesty, truth, and love.

We could be spontaneous and give a complete stranger a hug or practice some other random act of kindness daily for the sheer joy it gave the other person. It would change lives!

We were excited by everything that was new rather than hating change. Be open to the endless possibilities the world and its people have to offer.

Listened more to our gut and remained perceptive to the issues and worked more toward finding the best solutions, rather than picking a side or needing to be right. We just want to fix the problem and make things better for everyone,

Stayed focused on the one thing we all need more of love sweet love. No more hate, we are all God’s children.

I saw something on Facebook last week that said my nickname is mom, but my kids call me mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, … until they get my attention. What if we stay present in our conversations with each other rather than distracted by technology so “mom” would be enough to get a response. We’d be building more meaningful relationships with everyone.

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child, there are seven million. ----Walt Streightiff

If the population of the world is approximately 7.2 billion multiplied by seven million wonders per childlike person, surely someone out there has to have the answers to making this world a better place for everyone.

Maliyah, thank you for your genuine hug, and for the inspiration it gave me to write this and ask others to commit to making this a better world for you and all children to grow up in. You deserve it!

May your innocence continue to shine, and your hugs bring the same great joy to the world as it brought to me.

Now Maliyah, “you are famous!”

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