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Back in late November when my youngest sister came to Ponte Vedra with five of her six children to see my dad at the Palms Assisted living facility and me, homeless but working on it, it struck me how much I love her incredibly kind and talented children, how hard they are working to be successful, and the sacrifices they are making to achieve their dream of being a positive message, family-oriented, pop singing group. I decided that while I didn’t know how to make that miracle happen for them, I wanted to do something special for my only God-child, Alyssa, and make one of her dreams come true.

The holidays came and went. Late January rolls around and I’m still homeless, but their uncle, Fr. Leo Patalinghug, comes and blesses the sticks I will call home someday and assured the project would be completed by the new extension time, without harm to anyone, and that happiness and joy would fill my home and be bestowed on all those that entered.

About the same time one of the local ad magazines came in my mailbox announcing that the 2018 Tim Tebow Celebrity Golf Classic was being held again at TPC on Saturday March 3, 2018. I’m still not sure exactly what possessed me to pick up the phone that night but I called Allysa directly and asked her if she would like to meet Tim Tebow. After recovering from a moment of shock, she spouted an enthusiastic “Yes” and the obligatory question of “did you ask my parents?” and my response of course was “hell no!” My rational being it wouldn’t be worth the hassle if she didn’t want it for her as much as I wanted it for her. If she did, I could deal with my sister and brother-in-law later, and more importantly figure out the details of exactly how I was going to pull it off! Talking with her we both agreed that with their very strong Christian values and beliefs, their different but very special talents, and the beauty they possessed, both inside and out, everyone upon seeing them together would agree he’d be the perfect match for her.

The very next morning as I expected, I received a text from my sister asking me about this arrangement I was working on between her daughter and Tim Tebow. So I explained my thought process and strategy and she told me she’d think about it.

Meanwhile my brain doesn’t always let me remember times and dates so I forgot that I was already committed to a mother/son weekend in Auburn, Alabama. Dang it! I hate when that happens because one of my cardinal rules is to never make a promise I can’t keep. So I called Justin and explained what I was trying to do and why and he graciously said that it was okay to miss it because he’d be home the next weekend for Spring Break.

Soon panic began to set in for me since my sister called the week before the event and said yes that Alyssa and the whole crew of nine would all be coming to visit my dad and call B.S. on Aunt Abby!

I must confess that I have never met Tim Tebow in my life. I watched him play a few high school football games at Nease where our daughter Alexis went, but that was as close as I ever got and it was also pre Heisman Trophy, pre two National Florida Championships, and pre professional NFL career with Bronco’s and Jet’s. Alexis actually did get to meet him and have her photo taken with him a few years back and I sent a copy of it to Alyssa saying “this will be you in March!”

My strategy I decided would be a two prong approach including Officer Friendly from Sno-Cone Diaries who has been Tim’s and Urban Meyers bodyguard since their days back at the University of Florida and my friend Hunter who received a heart transplant with help from the Tim Tebow foundation, and who has a close personal relationship with him.

Officer Friendly was his usual good self but he had a big job to do that day and that was to specifically keep crazy women like me from stalking Tim! Strike One!

I also met with Hunter and his mother and explained my dilemma and they both said they would try but made it clear there were no guarantees to be made. Strike Two!

The morning of Saturday March 3, 2018 arrived and my sister called to ask me what the plan was for that day. I told her we’d meet up at my house of sticks, I’d give her the tour, than Alyssa and I were going to meet Tim Tebow while they went to St. Augustine.

By this time my gut was twisted so tight because I had no idea how I was going to make this happen but I was determined not to take no for an answer. First we sweet talked the guard at the gate of TPC by telling him we were going to see “Tim”. Then we parked at the clubhouse like we were there every day playing a round. We walked on to the course like we owned it and ran right into Nancy, Hunter, and Courtney and Josh Scobee(former Jaguar place kicker). Nancy explained that they were going to the famed 17th hole to wait for Tim’s group to come through. We were welcome to join them but again no promises.

By now I’m cramping up as I have no clue how I’m going to pull this off but I just know I will. We opt to wait it out on the 16th figuring that gives us two chances 16, and then 17 with my friends. On 16 we go on to meet NFL Hall of Famer Marcus Allen, baseball great Gary Sheffield, Javier Colon winner of the Voice who breaks out spontaneously into song, Doug Flutie, Urban Myer, Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame, PGA golfer Billy Horschel, Adriann Peterson, and then Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Chip Gaines of Fixer Upper! Already a day to remember but still short of the ultimate prize… Tim Tebow

And then right in front of our very eyes the miracle unfolded. Officer Friendly came by scanning the crowd. He gives me a big hug and calls me Sno-Cone Lady as I whisper in his ear “please not for me but for my niece.” He stepped back, smiled and gave me a subtle wink. My stomach unfurled for the first time since January.

Tim stepped up, smiled his incredible smile, took a selfie and a video with Alyssa and they spoke for a brief moment before he went on to greet a young girl in a wheel chair.

It was over in a flash but I believe a miracle happened on that 16th tee. I wanted it to happen out of love for my niece. She trusted me enough to believe in the possibility, the policeman knew it was a gift I was giving, and Tim just likes to make miracles happen for as many people as he can.

I cried walking back to the car touched beyond words about what I had witnessed. Tim Tebow is the real deal and he is part of a movement to bring Faith, Hope, and Love to those in their darkest hour of need.

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