"I had the joy of having Abby as my manager in one of the corporate jobs that she mentions in Sno-Cone Diaries.  She had no experience in the industry which she readily admitted and had to convince an entire team that she was good enough to hold this position. From the very beginning, she promised that she would be different than any of the managers we had ever worked for. And she was EXACTLY that! Different in a refreshing, challenging, creative, and fun way.  Team building meetings that involved painting, kayaking, beating on drums, dunking booths and building gingerbread houses that simultaneously incorporated opportunities to build character, build our relationships with each other, with our clients and to face our biggest weaknesses and fears.  So when she told me she was a proud owner of a Sno-Cone truck, I was not surprised.


She saw things in me that I didn’t see in myself.  She encouraged me to face my weaknesses and fears like presentations/public speaking and being around water (I don’t know how to swim).  She had our team write down 6 things that we wanted to accomplish or do, whether it was on a personal or professional level.  Then she had us role dice and whatever number it landed on, we had to work on achieving that goal that coincided with the number written in the notebook she had provided each of us.  I still carry that notebook to this day and every year, I write and track the goals I want to achieve and cross them off as I achieve them.


Just like Abby’s husband Juan, I learned to go with the flow when she has an idea.


Abby has been a boss, a mother, a mentor and a friend to me and I can’t wait to hear about her new adventures."

Stephanie Cohen / Southwestern Medical Center / Senior Business Analyst

"After reading your book Sno-Cone Diaries, I wanted to write and say thank you for sharing your wisdom and strength with us all! So many life lessons and paths you wrote of that many of us take as we are scared, sad and unsure of our purpose. I loved the exercise pages of your book and found them very helpful. Your story has inspired me to get kick the covers off each morning with a smile and hope rather than fear the dread of the same old, same old with sadness. I pray that you continue to be an inspiration for many others and that you personally shine brightly as the beautiful woman you are doing all that makes your heart happy along the way! Blessings and heartfelt gratitude."


"I thoroughly enjoyed it and related on many levels. I'm sure it was therapeutic for you to write it and I see you as an amazing, loving, dedicated daughter....my God, you have fought the biggest fights to keep your parents safe. Juan and your kids sound amazing and incredibly supportive. And I think so many of us hit a point where we've been successful climbing the corporate ladder but we stop one day and ask ourselves do we really love what we do....I applaud you for taking some huge risks all in the spirit of giving back to the community and yourself. Bravo. Just keep it going Abby because your words are worth reading. Best of luck on this new adventure."


"Boy, am I proud of you.  What a work of heart, soul and spirit.  You nature and personality comes out loud and clear.  As I was reading it, I found a smile on my face because I know what it takes to write a book and you totally got into your message for the benefit of the reader.  You are truly an ordinary person, who communicated the message of hope to overcome in an extraordinary way.  Thank you for your courage to share your heart with the reader and for influencing them.  What I read in the book scared me, cause I felt like I was reading about me.  I totally got into the story and the message and I love the exercises at the end.  I’m now trying to figure out who would be a good audience to invite to a lunch n learn and have you speak at it and do a book signing. "

Jeannette Bajalia / Founder of Woman's Worth

"After reading the dedication and the forward, I got up, wiped all the tears from my face, and proceeded with a box of Kleenex and blanket in hand to my back porch for what I just knew at that point was going to be a wonderful, eye-opening, inspiring Sunday afternoon. Your book touched me in ways I can’t explain. I found myself in so many pages throughout it. I know this because of the tugs I could feel at my heart as I read certain pages, I know this because of the tears that dropped on the pages as I turned them. Some tears were because I was sorry I wasn’t there for you for some of the things you dealt with, some of the tears were for me because I’ve dealt with and felt so many of those things you wrote about, some of those tears were because I didn’t know and don’t know how to deal with those things, some of those tears were because there are so many women out there that have the same issues, dealing with the same things, having the same feelings like you and me and don’t know what to do or how to change it.


For years I have been searching for my truth. Never knowing when, where or if I would find it. For years I have wondered what “happiness” would truly feel like for me.  I still don’t know if I will ever find it, but after reading your book, I have hope. Hope that I haven’t had for many many years. Belief that if I put the work in and find my truth, I will eventually one day, find my happiness, something my heart longs and aches for.


I truly believe that you have an awe-inspiring book Abby and that it will help every person who reads it in some way, large or small.  There are thousands of women right here in our own community that need to read your book, that need to hear your story, that need to know there is hope and that we are all deserving of true happiness from within."


You’ve touched my heart Abby in a way I can’t put into words.


"ad·mi·ra·tion something regarded as impressive or worthy of respect. I have known Abby Vega for a very long time since she is my cousin. In fact, to her I am referred to as "Cousin Mary". For most people this wouldn't mean much because we are related by family, however, for us it means friendship as well. Growing up, our mothers were sisters of a very large ethnic family and as most ethnic families understand "your cousins are your friends" end of discussion. I have seen my cousin, Abby, through a lot of life's celebrations and tragedies as we all map through this thing called life. We are not perfect. However we are persistent in our endeavors. This leads me to admiration. As stated above, one of its meanings is "something regarded as impressive or worthy of respect" and I do "Admire" her with great respect as some of her cards life dealt her were not always worthy of life's celebrations. She has worked hard as long as I can remember, and that memory starts at an early childhood age. In her book Sno-Cone Diaries, the one surprise for me was the time she felt out of control traveling on a business trip and life caught up with her. To see her on the other side of this and dealing "head on" has only deepened my admiration for her. I Love her and her family and wish her nothing but Happiness for the rest of our lives."

Cousin Mary

"The best thing about reading your book has been getting to know you better-hearing stories from your life, about your beautiful, accomplished children, about "Saint Juan"-and what a great pleasure to hear that you are truly enjoying life everyday and appreciating the gift of this life and all the beautiful people around us who make it worth living. You have inspired me, and for that I am most grateful. Inspiration is a powerful thing, not to be taken for granted, and I expect that you will inspire many more people in the years to come."

Andrea Claburn Jazz Vocalist,Composer, Arranger, Educator