A Thanksgiving Blessing to all

As I sit and ponder what this Thanksgiving Day will bring,

I’m reminded of the blessings I received from even the smallest thing.

Blessings are funny as they come disguised sometimes as a challenge.

When it’s Gods favor and protection we seek to be happy and simply just manage.

God’s blessings upon us are as unlimited as His forgiveness for our sins.

When you find them every day in the small things, everyone wins.

All the obvious like friends, good health and family are easiest to see.

But happiness, freedom, and liberty come with a price, for they never come free.

So…. On this Thanksgiving Day it is my sincerest wish for all

To remember there is a blessing everywhere you look if you listen for His call.

Happiest of Thanksgiving’s to all and many blessings of happiness, good health, and peace to all!

Abby Vega


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